Theory of Shellativity

Who Do You Think You Are?

Right from the onset I want to clarify, I am not a scientist nor am I a theologian. I am just me. A single human being , who spends a lot of time thinking. Thinking about everything, every weird strange thought that many easily dismiss.

One of my earliest strange thoughts was about colour. I believe I was around 12 at the time. I hope I can explain it clearly, as many have looked at me as if I was insane when I have previously spoken about it. When we are little we are taught that this is yellow and this is red, and so on and so forth. Now I acknowledge that this is yellow, but we assume we see it the same. Yet the shade I see as yellow may be the shade your eyes see when you look at red. Perhaps this is why we tend to have different favourite colours.

Now, another thing about me is I consider myself to be highly logical. Logically speaking I assume we all see colours the same way (I am not including those who are colour blind) but it is still an assumption. I can no more see through your eyes than you can through mine, You will find this to be a common theme through my writing. One of my strongest beliefs is that I am ignorant. I do not have the answers and probably never will. I however have the ability of thought and contemplation and the freedom to have my own opinion.

I will delve rather deeply into religion, this is not a slight on God just a perspective. At the same time I will examine science and accepted theories, For the record, I do believe in God. I just think about God differently than most. One of my reasons for my belief in God is that to me it seems much more logical than a cosmic sneeze creating this amazingly perfect universe. I do also believe in Science. However, I believe that evolution takes a lot more blind faith. I believe in an adaptive evolution but not that all earth life forms were created from the same primordial ooze.

These are my opinions. Opinions I have because I have the freedom to think for myself. I would ask you to do the same. No one should tell you what to think.

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