Theory of Shellativity


You look at me, do you see what’s true
Deep inside the recesses, where black and grey can meet
Do you see what I see, what it is I am
The truth that I know, you think is not true
Sometimes I think you are right
How can that be
It’s been said for so long
You make me see reason
But when I am alone
Old thoughts, bitter thoughts
They consume my mind
Telling me who I am, and you are wrong
Or am I wrong
Maybe I do not know who I am
You tell me one thing, the thoughts tell me another
Constant conflict
You tell me
I believe you
You go, the thoughts come
I believe them
What is true, what is right
Or maybe both
I can’t see the answer
Though deep inside what I think is there
I will not look at it
Scared of what I might see
The truth is what I think
Yet I will not think
To look
To see
Who I am
I wish I knew
I could look honestly
Afraid of what I might see
So who is right
Who tells the truth
Do I believe them
Or are the answers in you

© 2011 Shellativity

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