Theory of Shellativity

Private Thoughts

It creeps in slowly, waiting for you
Like a cheetah, ready to pounce
Waiting till you are alone and helpless
Innocently you sit, not knowing it’s waiting
Waiting for you, in the shadows of solitude
It watches, creeping in, slow and silent
Oblivious to it, you remain motionless
Wishing for you to notice, to become aware
It breathes silently on your neck
So close to you, ready to make its move
Knowing you are alone and will not win
Slowly it grabs you, holds you, becomes one with you
Helplessly you submit to it
It takes over, holding you tightly in its grasp
It will not let go, your thoughts are one
You know no escape, no hope
It has control, it is you Master

© 2011 Shellativity

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