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God The Magician

by on Feb.22, 2011, under Philosophy, Religion, Science

I don’t recall ever seeing in the Bible that God is a magician. I do not believe in magic.

As I sit here thinking about this I think of Jesus turning water into wine. I am sure if I travelled back in time with a microwave and made popcorn this would seem magical too. Why then do people seem to assume that God is some sort of a magician.

Is it not more likely that God is simply a more advanced species Much more scientifically advanced way beyond what we can comprehend. Surely if the Red Sea needed to be parted he would have to do something to make it happen. Whether it be a strong gust of wind or a tsunami etc. Perhaps he shot a beam from space which caused an avalanche which caused the tsunami. Humans have dabbled in making such devices. It seems reasonable to me that one so much more advanced could do this.

I hear you now “Shelley surely you don’t think God is an alien” if God created the Earth then surely he is not from Earth.

I’m getting off track, I do that lots

What I am saying is to perform things that seem miraculous to us would in fact take the use of Science. That the two can and do cohesively fit together. Proving something has a scientific explanation does not disprove the existence of God. In fact in my opinion it proves the existence. The universe works far too well. There are far too many happy coincidences for it all to just be an accident.

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