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by on Feb.22, 2011, under Philosophy, Religion

I feel like I started this in the middle. I have previously mentioned by Religion/Science cohesive view on God. Let me elaborate.

Ignorance and arrogance are rampant in both science and religion. They are essentially the same thing but they believe themselves to be opposite. Both seem to view that one can not exist with the other. Actually that may be a slightly harsh view of religion. I believe Scientists to be much more ignorant. Religion at least believes in blind faith so they don’t care about the how’s and why’s.

This by the way is what I usually think about everyday for a majority of the day. I am obsessed with God, as I have said before not so much religion but what God is.

I once watched a show where they explained how the parting of the sea by Moses could actually be explained by Science. There are a few theories for how this could have happened but the one that caught my eye was an avalanche causing a tsunami which meant there was a huge pull back of water which would have lasted several minutes I think they said 15 (but don’t quote me on this) Now the scientist explaining this made it sound like this disproved the existence of God. Why? Are we saying that like life itself this was just a happy accident. That at that very moment Moses just happened to need to cross and just happened command the water to part there was a natural event which caused this. I will say that this theory certainly disproves the existence of the magical mystical God.


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